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If you’ve been looking for an effective means in which to bring your pet the corralling needed within your property without having to rely on a full traditional fence installation, then looking into a hidden fence brought to you by the experts at Ulster County Dog Fence can be just the solution.

We bring you high quality products that work for you, and bring you the control you need.

About Us

We have been proudly serving the Ulster County area for many years, and have come to be the industry leaders in electric dog fence installation. We bring you the best in our specialized offerings by providing high quality services, experienced professionals, and dependability in each product that we deliver.

No matter the size of your yard, or of your dog, you can always depend on Ulster County Dog Fence to bring you the best. All it takes is making the phone call, and our professionals are on their way to bring your hidden fence to being on your property.

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We have always had it in our minds to expand across the Ulster County area.
From our humble beginnings in Kingston to the eventual coverage that we brought across Saugerties to Plattekill and beyond, we have always focused on ensuring that we bring the same level of quality, and the response time you need to have your installation brought quickly without sacrifice to the overall level of attention to detail. No matter where you are in our service area, you can depend on the same level of neighborly care when it comes to our hidden dog fence installation offerings.

Ulster County Dog Fence - Saugerties Dog Fence 1

Saugerties Dog Fence

We bring Saugerties the underground dog fence installation that can be relied upon for quality and low maintenance. We understand all the work that comes with having a traditional fence put into place, the setting time for posts, painting, material replacement and more.

When you choose our particular brand of hidden dog fence though, you have your new fence up and working in hours, and the ability to enjoy its benefits the minute our work is done.

Ulster County Dog Fence - Wawarsing Dog Fence 1

Wawarsing Dog Fence

Across the Wawarsing area, we understand that homes are bound by the requirements of their homeowner’s association regulations. Choosing to have dog fence boundary wire installed below ground ensures that you stay in line with your property needs, while still providing you the same level of benefit that a traditional fence installation would bring.

We bring you the means to add multiple benefits to your property in one installation without any of the drawbacks.

Ulster County Dog Fence - New Paltz Dog Fence 1

New Paltz Dog Fence

For customers in the New Paltz area, we understand that there may be some hesitance when it comes to the thought of having an electric dog fence in place to control the movements of your pets.

We are here to ensure you that your pet will not face any harm, and that the deterrent level of your hidden fence is completely within your control. This allows you to tailor the effects of the installation to your specific pet.

Ulster County Dog Fence - Ellenville Dog Fence 1

Ellenville Dog Fence

Across the Ellenville region, we know the importance placed on the additions to your yards, from trees to sheds, landscaping and more. This can present a multitude of line of sight issues when it comes to the installation of traditional fencing, yet presents no problem when it comes to our underground dog fence.

We have the means to easily and effectively bypass any obstruction on your property, bringing you complete coverage.

Ulster County Dog Fence - Gardiner Dog Fence 1

Gardiner Dog Fence

Gardiner is a fitting name for a suburban landscape littered with flower and vegetable gardens and more. With the wireless dog fence installation, we bring to the area, you can depend on our experts to bring you the means to protect these areas while still seeing to your pet’s containment.

We bring you the means to section off these areas of importance, and the peace of mind in knowing that your prized possessions of all types are looked after.

Ulster County Dog Fence - Plattekill Dog Fence 1

Plattekill Dog Fence

When choosing to have a hidden dog fence installed on your Plattekill property, you can rest easy knowing that the containment it brings is available around the clock.

Whether you’re letting your pooch out first thing in the morning, or the middle of the night, your underground dog fence is always on and always working for the protection of your dog. With only a replacement battery, you can depend on an installation from Ulster County Dog Fence for life.

“I was always curious about installing a dog fence, and so decided to call Ulster County Dog Fence. They gave me all the details I needed and quickly booked an assessment. I loved the service, and eventually chose to have the installation done. I absolutely love the freedom involved.” – Lisa R.

“My dog was continually jumping over our chain link fence, and so decided to call Ulster County Dog Fence to have added security put in. Now my dog stays in the yard where he belongs, and I don’t have to worry or watch over him as much.” – Cole D.

“After spending some time considering a wireless dog fence installation, I made the call to Ulster County Dog Fence. They were fast in their service, and the installation itself was super quick. It works like a charm, and keeps the look of my yard beautiful all around.” – Ken A.

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We bring the best in hidden dog fences, outdoor, around obstacles and providing you the coverage you need. The same can be said for our means of contact as we provide you simplicity and effectiveness in this aspect of our services as well.

We understand that when you call into our offices, you’re looking for information and detail without obstruction. When you come onto our website, you’re trying to get a better idea of hidden dog fence cost without the advertising. And you can be sure that you will have the means to exactly those benefits without the drawbacks attached.