About Us

Ulster-County-Dog-Fence-AboutIt seems that everything about pet ownership can be more expensive that you expect. From grooming, to crates, food and more the idea that once you get a pet, the maintenance is simply food, water and walks quickly gets torn down. This also plays a big role in the costs associated with pet containment.

Fences to keep your pet in the yard are expensive to install, require maintenance, repainting, staining, material replacement and so much more just to block off your view and corral your pet.

Ulster County Dog Fence looks to bring you a simpler solution, and a means to not only bring the level of containment you’re looking for, but also the means to reduce your costs. We want to bring the people of Ulster County the ability to breathe easier knowing that your pet is taken care of, and that you have the means to bring added benefit to your yard and your wallet.

Regardless of the size of your pet, the distance you look to section off, or the installation process you need for your property, you can depend on Ulster County Dog Fence to bring you the results you’re looking for.

We’re here to bring you a functional service, as fence contractors, that provides a wealth of benefit for your property, and all it takes is the decision to pursue, and a simply phone call to our professionals.

Bring the benefit you’ve been looking for with our hidden dog fence installation for your Ulster County area home.