Blog · April 8, 2021

Ellenville Dog Fence

Ulster-County-Dog-Fence-Ellenville-Dog-Fence-2Since starting our services in the Kingston area, we knew that it was only a matter of time before we began bringing our offerings to the entirety of the Ulster County area. With the overwhelming support we received from our clients, we began to see the importance of a hidden dog fence option being brought to the region, and one of our first areas of expansion was to the Ellenville area.

Since bringing our services to this area, we have enjoyed growth, and the enjoyment of bring our quality offerings.

Pain Free

One misconception that we need to address right away to clients who may feel uncomfortable with the idea of an electric dog fence installation is that it brings obedience from your pet through pain. As much as we bring the means of controlling the area in which your pet can wander, we do so out of a love for dogs of all types and sizes.

Our products bring you a wide range of control over the intensity of the collar, and the means to use the sensation as a deterrent, not training through pain enforcement.

Maintenance Free

Choosing to have a wireless dog fence installation brought to your property means that you can forego any of the unnecessary maintenance that can come with fences of all other types and materials. You have no need to repaint, stain, replace or otherwise.

The underground installation is fully insulated, and has the capability to last for several decades on your property. This means that you spend once to have it installed and from that point, the only recurring cost that you can face is the specialized battery types that are used to power the fence itself.

Hassle Free

Once you have your underground dog fence in place, the bulk of the work is done. This means that when you have the experts at Ulster County Dog Fence provide you their services, your Ellenville home is covered, and the new fence is ready to use.

There is no major waiting times, and can even provide you with the means of enjoying your new installation the same day you have your installation scheduled. No matter the size or type of electric dog fence you’re looking to have installed, you can depend on quality services, speedy installation, and the means to enjoy your benefits immediately.

Experienced Delivery

When looking to have any specialty service brought to your property, we understand your desire for experience and knowledge. Making the choice to bring in the experts at Ulster County Dog Fence brings you those characteristics in spades, and provides you the highest quality services in the Ulster County area.

We have dedicated ourselves to this particular service offering, and have worked tirelessly to set ourselves apart in the industry.

If you feel that an electric dog fence is the perfect choice for your property, you can depend on the quality services brought to you by your local area experts.