Blog · April 8, 2021

Saugerties Dog Fence

Ulster-County-Dog-Fence-Saugerties-Dog-Fence-2Since we first began our expansion into bringing services across the Ulster County area, Saugerties has always been within our purview. We have had the pride and privilege of bringing our quality products to the area for years, and building working relationships with residents and pets across the region.

If you need a locally experienced professional to bring you the hidden dog fence installation you’ve been looking for, you can choose the experts at Ulster County Dog Fence, and allow us to show you why we hold the reputation we do in the area.

Simple Installation

The electric dog fence installation you’re looking for is one that Ulster County Dog Fence can bring you in no time. Unlike traditional fences that require building, post installation, finishing touches and more, our quality hidden fences only take a matter of hours.

This is compounded on by the fact that your installation comes from experienced professionals who have been in the industry for many years, and can work quickly around even the most troublesome of obstacles that may be present on your Saugerties area property.

Benefit Over Wireless

Among the options you have for a hidden fence is wireless, yet when comparing it to the underground dog fence installation that Ulster County Dog Fence brings, the benefits of our services make themselves apparent immediately.

Wireless fences work off a transmitter that is placed centrally in your property, and only covers a circular area as the waves are sent out. With your installation, you are using radio waves that are emitted by strategically placed wires underground that have the capability to route around any perimeter, any obstruction, and to work as a secondary level of protection even within your fenced off area.

24-Hour Effectiveness

The products we bring you at Ulster County Dog Fence are always on. This means that you never have to worry about whether or not you forgot to turn it off, or even have to think about it when it comes to sleepily allowing your pet out in the middle of the night. No matter the time of day, the weather, or the reason behind your pets meandering outdoors, you can count on your electric dog fence installation to work on time every time.

This brings you a worry-free addition on top of all the other added benefits our products encompass.

Your Local Experts

When choosing Ulster County Dog Fence for your installation needs, you can depend on our experts to bring you a service that feels like it was born of your own backyard.

We aim to be as inclusive as possible across all regions of our service area, and that includes Saugerties.

When you are looking for quality, care, and a dedication to the customer base that allows them to do what they love, you can always depend on the services you get with Ulster County Dog Fence. We are here to tend to every one of your needs at all times.